Warehouse62 multivendor vetting process for our market place

As a managed marketplace the quality of our vendors are very important to us. Therefore, we choose only the best vendors who are at the top of their field and expertise to supply the products and services offered on our platform. Our dedicated Vendor Relation Managers carefully source and vet each vendor before on-boarding them. We focus on Customer service and human interaction skills, Quality of goods fair market prices for products and services. Proven experience and a Willingness to learn and improve.

We review our vendor’s offering online to make sure it matches the products and pricing/market price on our platform we also inspect our vendor’s social reviews and ratings on multiple online platforms.  Warehouse62 Discuss and analyze in-depth any negative reviews with their stores. Every month warehouse62 Conduct a minimum of a 30 minute phone calls with the business owner/ vendors or a senior manager and provide solution and training to help them improve where they are lacking to become successful.

Our vetting process has been proving extremely efficient in filtering only the “cream of the crop” in each and every product category, as we pride ourselves in a whopping 94% positive review rate and getting better .

Thank you for choosing warehouse62